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Some Frequently Asked Questions are below

1. Q - What is the cost for a cell phone greeting?
A - $20

2. Q - How does the recorded greeting get on to our system?
A – we can send it to you to install with your own speakers or we can install it directly on your voicemail box, but you will need to provide the number and pin for access.

3. Q - Can I choose who will do my recording?
A – Yes you can go to the talent section to hear samples of each of our professional talents.

4. Q - Does it matter what type of phone system I am using?
A - No, we will send you an .mp3 to play through your computer speakers, or we can record it directly on your phone.

5. Q - What forms of payment do you accept?
A - We accept all forms of credit cards: i.e. Master card, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

6. Q - When do we pay and how?
A - After you receive a quote, we can take your information over the phone or you can use our on-line payment page at http://www.cellphonegreeting.net/purchase.html

7. Q - What if the pronunciation is wrong after it has been recorded?
A - When you send over the order we ask that you phonetically spell out any uncommon words and names. If you do that and it is still recorded incorrectly, we will re-record with no charge.

8. Q - Can I see an example of a script?
A - Absolutely - Click Here

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